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Our story

The law firm currently known as Doconade Lawyers was established by Peter Do and based in Adelaide

For many years of the practice area of experiences, we have been providing legal advice to  Australian. We are enthusiastic solicitors and lawyers who come from highly regarded universities around Australia, and have achieved all around respected careers in the law industry. Most of the solicitors and lawyers have more than 10 years of experience. Our mission is to provide the best legal advice and support our clients to solve their legal issues, and then, we are recognised as a reliable and respected law firm in Australia. 

We are also a migration agency. For the last 20 years, we have supported many immigrants in different migration segments from Business & Investment Migration, to Family and Partner Migration, General Skilled Visas…etc to achieve their goal and help them to set up their new life as well as business career in Australia. 

Our vision is to be an outstanding law firm, serving both businesses and the community to the very highest standards. Our service offering is informed by a long-term, relational and knowledge-based approach. We deliver confidence-inspiring client experiences premised on communication, cooperation, responsiveness, adaptability and organisation. We consider the firm to be a function of the needs of our clients.

We’ve changed and improved over the years and are proud of our continued legal service for Australians and immigrants.

Commitment to innovation

At Doconade Lawyers, we’re always looking for new ways to satisfy our customers. That’s why we’ve invested in a lot of information technology to create iLawyer, our new booking system that allows you to self-book your appointment with our lawyers. you can schedule an appointment in our office or transform in-person appointments to remote video using Zoom application. You can now seek and receive legal advice at any time and anywhere using an internet connection on your any devices. 

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