Standards of Service

Cancellation & Rescheduling

1. Cancellation

A booking appointment via iLawyer is not subjected to cancel if that appointment is scheduled and confirmed.

All payments made for booking consultation via iLawyer are non-refundable. If clients do not meet the appointment time, their appointment will be automatically cancelled and Doconade Lawyers will not refund the amount of money that clients paid while they are made a booking on Doconade Lawyers website.

In rare circumstances where Doconade Lawyers finds the appointments that are violated with our Terms of Use, Standards of Service, or Community Standards, or against Australian Law, we may cancel those appointments without notify you before cancellation. In such cases, the amounts paid for that appointment will be returned to the client’s payment method after deducting fee and cost arisen from the whole process that Doconade Lawyers have been incurred.

2. Reschedule Your Appointment

Though clients can not be cancelled their appointments, they can reschedule their appointment to another convenient time.

Clients use the Reschedule button on their confirmation email to reschedule their appointment to another convenient time.

Reschedule appointment is not allowed later than 24 hours before the original appointment is started.

Clients can reschedule their appointment to another time but the new appointment must be the exact service and fee that is from the original appointment.

Each appointment is allowed to reschedule for one time. This means you will not be able to reschedule your appointment in case of your appointment already rescheduled.

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