Transfer Businesses

Transferring a business will require planning to make sure you avoid any related risks. You will need to understand your obligations as well as interests. We’re on your side with any professional help that you may need.

Buying Businesses

Should you consider buying an already-established business, we offer a professional legal package to ensure a beneficial future for your investment. The work process will vary depend on different industries or your targeted business but likely include:

  • First consultation
  • Finding potential existing business for sale
  • Making professional investigations of the targeted businesses
  • Business plan 
  • A legal advice to make sure you understand related obligations and interests 
  • Making an offer to the seller
  • Preparing a contract & Settlement

Selling Businesses

Selling a business will require planning to make sure you receive the best possible price and interest. We provide a experienced legal service you want to take up a business or put your own up for sale:

  • Business and legal advice 
  • Preparing your business for sale
  • Business plan as required
  • Valuing the best business price with the assistance from our financial advisers, accountants and registered business broker if required
  • Connect potential buyers
  • Advice on legal, tax, and financial obligations 
  • Preparing contract, paper work & Settlement

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Our commercial law services will help you to protect your business interests and comply with legal obligations. We provide advice on:

  • Commercial law
  • Business registration
  • Business transfer
  • Merger & acquisition consultation
  • Franchise
  • International trading
  • Corporate financial transactions

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