Commercial Property Transactions

Buying or selling commercial properties can be a more complicated process, taking into account the various factors and necessary steps involved. Our legal team’s extensive experience may help you if you want to purchase or sell a commercial property.

How we can help you with commercial properties

  • Facilitate the purchase or sale of a commercial property
  • Risk management assessment and due diligence in relation to commercial properties

If you lease the property to a business

  • What your obligations and rights are as a landlord
  • What the obligations and rights are for the tenant
  • Necessary improvements before you can lease your property
  • Comprehensive legal advice, including drafting a lease agreement for commercial properties

Conveyancing works

  • Contract Reviewing: our experts will review any prospective contracts before you sign, and offer independent advice as to what the special conditions mean to you as the vendor
  •  Advisory services: we can advise you of any information disclosed in the contracts and Form 1
  • Preparing documents: arranging for the fully signed documentation to be sent to the Real Estate Agent
  • Follow-up with deadlines: checking that all the special conditions are met by the settlement date
  • Follow-up with payments: checking that the deposit has been paid and the finance approval has been settled by the finance date
  • Follow-up with compliance of special conditions: ensuring that all special conditions are complied with by the due date
  • Encumbrance settlements: checking to see if there are issues, obstacles on the property and ensuring that these are dealt with correctly
  • Document reviewing and checking: checking that the legal documentation necessary to transfer the property is correct and signed by all parties
  • Updating with outstanding charges: obtaining and examining the title and statutory searches to ensure that there are no outstanding charges on the property
  • Discharge of mortgage: arranging for the discharge of mortgage with your existing financial institution
  • Rates and taxes calculation: calculating all the rates and taxes that are to be adjusted and forwarding an adjustment statement to the Purchaser’s Conveyancer
  • Settlement statement: preparing a settlement statement for you prior to settlement so that you are aware of all the costs and expenses that are payable including the agent fees and commission
  • Confirmation of amounts sent: confirming all amounts to be provided to your outgoing financial institution
  • General timeline checking: liaising with all other parties involved in the transaction regularly to ensure time-frames are met
  • Water usage tracking: obtaining a special meter reading for calculation of water use to the date of settlement
  • Money transaction arrangement: arranging for bank cheques or payments to be available for settlement
  • Settlement meeting on your behalf: Co-coordinating and attending the settlement appointment on your behalf
  • Advising about the settlement completion: we will inform you as soon as settlement has been completed
  • Sale proceeds deposit: facilitating the sale of proceeds into your nominated account
  • Notifying related parties of the completed settlement: we will inform the Real Estate Agent that settlement has been completed; notify Council and Water company of the change of ownership
  • We also offer as an extra, commercial law services to help further

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$ 990
  • Plus disbursements
  • Excludes LTO registration fee


$ 3,600
  • Plus disbursements
  • Excludes LTO registration fee

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