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Fees and disbursements

Unless indicated in cost agreements, most charges for our work will be based on the level of staff and time required to complete the files according to our hourly rates applicable at any time in accordance with The Law Society of South Australia guidelines. We record our time in quarters of an hour. Our fee is not contingent upon the final result or outcome, and we do not warrant results or final developments in any matter. The scope of our services, as well as the complexity and duration of the file, can vary greatly, depending on circumstances that cannot be anticipated.

Any estimate of fees we provide should not be taken as a maximum fee or a fixed fee agreement. An estimate of fees is only an indication of the likely amount of our fees. An estimate is based on the information we have received when the estimate is given, and is not binding. We will endeavour to inform the clients as early as practically possible of any significant deviations from a fee estimate that we have given, however the clients will be responsible for the full amount of accrued fees, even if it exceeds the estimate.

Disbursements in connection with the files will be invoiced at cost.

Our hourly rates are usually amended at the beginning of each calendar year to take into account current levels of legal experiences, changes in overhead costs and other factors. Clients are notified of such amendments in the last statement of account / invoices issued in which the pre-amendment rates are applied, or by a separate communication in writing.

Please note that in addition to the above, value added tax (GST), currently at the rate of 10%, will be added to all invoice amounts.

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