Litigation refers to any legal dispute between two or more parties seeking a monetary settlement. It can be between individuals, businesses and and it’s not a criminal case

A legal dispute is time-consuming, and expensive. You need an experienced lawyer to understand exactly about your dispute and how stressful it can be

Civil litigation refers to any legal dispute between two or more parties but not business. It can be between individuals, families, or relationships. It may be:

  • Neighbours
  • Property issues
  • Landlords and tenants
  • Builders and homeowners

The earlier you receive our legal advice, the better off you’ll be

You may be encountered a commercial litigation when running your businesses. It may be issues with:

  • Customers and suppliers
  • Intel-lecture properties
  • Business partners
  • Property disputes
  • Insolvency disputes

The area of law being litigated is specialised due to the nature of the parties, the businesses involved, it is often more expensive than non-commercial litigation due to more special steps of the litigation process such as the costs of discovery and the use of professional experts

It brings a lot of the pressure, time consuming, and cost to your business. 

You should seek the legal advice even if your business situation has not yet become a legal dispute 

Similar to other legal disputes, we encourage to resolve your commercial disputes without going to court

We understand how stressful, time-consuming, and expensive you may be encountered. Let we help you

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