For 20 years experienced, we have supported many immigrants to achieve their goal and help them to set up their new life as well as business career in Australia

Moving to Australia can be exciting but can be a complex process. You should use a lawyer to understand information necessary, save your time and money, as well as protecting yourself. We can advise you and offer many migration solutions or visa options that may suit your needs

Choosing the Business & Investment visa stream allow you to own and manage a business, or invest your assets and money in Australia.  With these visa streams, you can conduct business and investment activities in Australia or undertake entrepreneurial activities in Australia. You can also include your family members such as your spouse, or children into your application and enjoy the free benefit of Australian welfares such as education and medicare…There are many visa options for you to choose from temporary to permanent resident visas

Reunion your family or partners is the wish and desire of many people. You can bring your parents, children, or your partner in a spouse relationship, or a de facto relationship to Australian. We can help with visa options for joining family or partners in Australia with many options ranging from temporary visas, visiting family, to permanent resident visas that might suit your needs.

Australia has a big demand of professional, experts and skilled workers. Thus, this migration option is always the best choice for young people with professional expertise or skilled workers who want to discover themselves and settle into a new life in Australia. There is a wide range of visa streams from short to long term, skilled and sponsored, working holidays, to professional and independent skilled, and permanent residency.

Every year, thousands of students are coming to Australia to enjoy one of the most highly regarded educational systems of around the world. Many students have  been successful in their career and found a great life in Australia.

We can help with student visa options for students who want to study in Australia. Also, some visas also allow students to include their parents to go to Australia to take care and support them.

You can visit Australia for many legal activities. It may be for a holiday, visiting friends or family, attending an event, conference, or work holiday, or for business activities, or for your medical treatment. There are many visiting visa options that may suit your needs and we can help

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For more than 20 years, we have supported many immigrants in different migration pathways to Australia from Business & Investment Migration, to Family and Partner Migration, General Skilled Visas…etc to achieve their goal and help them to set up their new life as well as business career in Australia

We are the dedicated Australian migration lawyers!

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