Standards of Service

Terms of payment

Our invoices are sent to clients by e-mail or by post. Invoices for legal services and expenses are issued weekly, monthly, or when the files are finalised. They become due 7 days after issue, even when the file has not yet been concluded. Payment should be in Australian dollar (Aud), unless otherwise agreed.

Any request that any part of one of our invoices be paid by a third party will need to be approved by us in advance. Even if such a request is approved, the clients will remain responsible for payment of the entire invoice amount, and any interest accrued.

Doconade reserves the right at all times to ask that the clients should create a deposit as security for Doconade’s fees, or make on account payments. Any deposits will be paid into our trust account. The deposit will be applied to the clients’ final bill, when the files are completed. Deposited amounts may also be used in settlement of any other outstanding invoices.

In the event of overdue payment, the statutory interest on overdue amounts will apply from the due date until payment occurs.

In the event of an invoicing or payment dispute, the clients should address its concerns to Doconade in writing within the due date of the invoice in question. If we do not hear from the client within this time, the invoices presented issued will be assumed to be accepted by the clients.

Doconade reserves the right to discontinue the provision of services until any disputes concerning invoice amounts are resolved, and any undisputed due amounts have been settled, and any requested advance payments, on-account payments or deposits have been made. This also applies to representation before the courts or in arbitration.

Should Doconade suffer a loss (of income) through a file or case being cancelled with short notice for reasons not attributable to Doconade, we reserve the right to a reasonable compensation.

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