Standards of Service

The scope of our services

For each assignment (file), we will appoint a practitioner who will be responsible for that particular assignment (file). Exceptionally we may appoint a responsible partner for a part of an assignment. Work is performed by the practitioners and associates instructed by the practitioner in charge of the file, taking into account the nature and magnitude of the assignment, the need for specialised skill and experience, and availability. To the extent possible we will accommodate any wishes the client may have as to staffing of the assignment.

Our practitioners are only qualified to advise and assist clients on Australian law. We will have no liability for any assessments of foreign law or any legal consequences thereof.

When providing advice and assistance we rely on the information and documents relating to the factual situations of the file that we receive from the clients, or other sources as agreed or instructed by the clients.  Our advice should therefore not be relied upon in other cases or used for other purposes. In order that our assessments and the advice we provide may be as good as possible, the clients should give us all information and all documents that are of significance to the subject matter of the assignment file.

We only provide legal advice and assistance, and will have no liability for advice relating to non-legal matters, such as technical, financial, commercial and environmental circumstances. Unless indicated in the letter or contract of engagement or in a separate written agreement, our advice and assistance will not include any of the following: criminal and indirect or direct taxation issues, or penal or taxation-related consequences of the dispositions subject matter of the advice.

The clients are entitled to use Doconade’s products and services, including documents created by us in the course of the files, in accordance with the purpose of the files, however Doconade retains any copyright to Doconade’s products and services. We may agree with the clients to assist in retaining the services of other advisers (technical, financial etc.),

Unless otherwise agreed, such engagements will be on behalf of the clients, and the clients will be responsible for compensating any retained advisers and lawyers for their services and disbursements. Doconade will have no liability for advice and assistance provided by such advisers and lawyers. This will apply even if the advice was received by Doconade and then forwarded or communicated to the clients, even if Doconade acts as the retained adviser’s or lawyer’s customers or clients.

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