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What Doconade Lawyers can help you

Estate planning is regarded as an advanced arrangement of how all properties and investments are managed when someone passes away. There are many legal options which you may need to understand

Simple Will

  • Legal advice 
  • Beneficiaries -Who will inherit?
  • Executor – Who will handle? 
  • Make a Will

Complex Will

  • Legal advice for your case
  • Wills involving Trusts
  • Wills with Trusts & PoA
  • Wills with Trusts + PoA + ACDs

Advance Care Directives

  • Advance Care Directive (ACD)
  • Substitute Decision Makers
  • Advance Care Directive form
  • Keep and store ACD

Power of Attorney (PoA)

  • Responsibilities of the donor 
  • Create or update a PoA 
  • Give up the granted PoA
  • Cancelling a PoA

Probate Matters

  • How to avoid Probate issues
  • Letter of Administration
  • Inheritance Claims
  • Grant of Probates

About Doconade Lawyers

The law firm currently known as Doconade Lawyers was established by Peter Do and based in Adelaide. For many years of the practice area of experiences, we have been providing legal advice to  Australian. We are enthusiastic solicitors and lawyers who come from highly regarded universities around Australia, and have achieved all around respected careers in the law industry. Most of the solicitors and lawyers have more than 10 years of experience. Our mission is to provide the best legal advice and support our clients to solve their legal issues, and then, we are recognised as a reliable and respected law firm in Australia. 

At your free initial consultation, we will explain:

  • Detail legal advice for your cases
  • Assets – What property will be included in your will?
  • How Marriages, Relationships and Wills are related
  • Whether or not we need a Trust
  • Executor – Who should handle your estate before distribution?
  • Guardian – Who will raise your children if you have any issue?
Doconade Adelaide Lawyer
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