Wills & Estates

Estate planning is regarded as an advanced arrangement of how all properties and investments are managed when someone passes away

It is always a good idea to protect your properties and your loved ones. There are many legal options which you may need to understand

An important part of estate planning is to make a Will or a Testament by which a person, the testator, expresses their wishes or desires as to how their property and possessions are distributed, managed upon their death to/by one or more persons. The Will maker can also appoint the executor to manage properties until their final distribution

A Power of Attorney (PoA) is a legal document by which a person (a donor) gives authorisation to another person (a donee) to act on their behalf. For example the authorised agent can buy and sell items or property and operate bank accounts. 

Advance Care Directive (ACDs) is the essential back-up plan which enables you to:

  • Express your wishes, preferences & instructions for your future health care, end of life, living arrangements and personal matters
  • Appoint one or more Substitute Decision Makers (SDM) on your behalf in case you are unable to communicate or make a decision yourself.
  • Create a warm peace of mind that your beloved ones grasp your ideas and respect your desires though you might not be able to speak out…

Probate is the process of transferring property legal title from the decreased person to their heirs or beneficiaries. It also refers to the legal document (Grant of Probate) issued by the court to confirm the validation of the Will as well as the administration right of the Will executor to finalise a deceased person’s financial and legal affairs…

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Wills & Estates

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