We’re here to help you with Letters of Administration, Inheritance Claims, or Grant of Probates

Legal helps & probates:

  • Professional advice on how to avoid Probate issues
  • Letter of Administration in case of without Wills
  • Inheritance Claims

Grant of Probates:

  • Petition to the Court & Announcement to heirs and beneficiaries: This task is fundamentally to initiate the whole process with its result of either the will probate admission and executor appointment stated in the will or the nomination of an estate administrator in the absence of a will.
  • Notice to creditors and estate stock take: As the assets might be credited to various external parties, they should be informed by executors or estate administrators appointed in the court before the inventory stock take of the estate property.
  • Funeral expenses, Debts and Taxes Management: In common sense, these obligations will be directly extracted from the assets.
  • The transfer of property’s legal title: This step basically finalises the process of probate, in which all approved claims are solved, bills are paid, obligations are satisfied and ultimately remaining assets are distributed to beneficiaries.

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